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This website is operated by Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.

All images on this site are used with permission and the consent of a parent/guardian where necessary.

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Your privacy is important to Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.

The information below sets out how we use and protect any information we may hold about you.

If you no longer wish to hear from us, you can contact us at:

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or call us on: (01491) 833938 or email us at:

Who we are

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary is a charity that exists to rescue, rehabilitate and where possible, rehome donkeys in need within Oxfordshire.It was founded in 1997 by the McLaren family and first registered as a charity in 2000.

  • We are a charity registered in England and Wales (1121697)
  • We are a Limited Company (06219248)
  • Our registered offices are at 1, London Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4QW
  • We work with other animal welfare organisations to help donkeys that are in need of rescue and provide them with love, care and medical treatment. Once a donkey is fit and well and is suitable, we hope to rehome them with an appropriate carer. No donkey is ever sold by the Sanctuary.

What information is being collected about you?

For us to achieve our charitable objectives in the area of donkey welfare, we need to raise money from members of the public through inspiring them to donate and join our efforts in rescuing and caring for donkeys. To achieve that, we need to contact supporters and potential supporters through various means including mail, advertising and email.

When we collect personal data, we will always have clear marketing preferences displayed, and information about how to change how we contact you, including if you wish us to stop contacting you entirely.

How is it collected?

We collect data for various reasons.

  • Fundraising: For the Sanctuary to continue operating we rely on donations from the public. To do this, we seek to find new people who may be interested in the work we do and may want to help us by donating money. The Sanctuary deeply respects its Supporters and is keen to work with them to ensure we don’t annoy or abuse our relationship. To do this, every communication we make has clear instructions on how to change the frequency of contacts, including how to stop entirely. New contacts are sourced from members of the public themselves, such as asking to be kept informed.
  • Online: Through use of our website, we use Cookies to help deliver a more tailored and useful service. For more information about Cookies, this external websiteexplains in more detail.
  • Rehoming: Potential carers who wish to rehome and foster one of our donkeys submit their own details, and if successful in their application we will keep a record of contact details as part of our Rehoming Policy to conduct regular checkup visits .
  • Education: Through our objectives to inform the public on matters of donkey welfare, together with using our donkeys help people with various learning programs we will also collect data about people using our services.
  • Donkey Welfare: We may need to collect data to help donkeys that are reported as being at risk. We may work with other welfare organisations to rescue donkeys in need and may share that data with them, but we will ensure a data sharing agreement is in place so that it cannot be misused.

How do we use your data?

If your personal information is supplied to us through a third party, such as Justgiving, the Fundraising Preference Service or Social Media sites, they will provide their privacy settings that control their use of your data.

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary does not sell personal details to any other organisation.

Our data is held on secure computer systems following modern data security practice and in secure data format. We also hold some paper records, also kept securely. Only properly authorised personnel are able to access this information and only for clearly defined reasons.

For non-fundraising reasons, we also hold data relating to our employees and volunteers.

For our rehoming activities, we hold personal data relating to carers which has been supplied by them in person, by post or electronically. (Such as during a loan home application)

Contacting You

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary does not undertake any “Doorstep” fundraising methods, nor does it call people on the telephone to raise funds.

We will contact you to let you know about our ongoing projects and progress with the aim of providing a sanctuary and home for illtreated or unwanted donkeys. To fund this work, we will ask for donations.

If the Fundraising Preference Service informs us you wish our communication with you to stop, we will honour that request as soon as possible. If we have already sent out a letter it may not be possible to stop it so you could receive one more.

Sharing your information

We know that our supporters are real people and deserve our utmost respect in our dealings with them, and the information we hold about them.

  • We may in the future work with trusted partners to manage your data safely and send fundraising material for fundraising purposes. Those partners will be contractually obliged to only use the information we supply to them for the purposes we ask them to and must not share, sell or use this information for any other reason.
  • We are required to submit some information to the HMRC for purposes of Gift Aid.
  • We, and any partners, are legally required to adhere to the Data Protection Act and, from 25thMay 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • We do not operate or fundraise outside of the UK. Due to how the internet works, it is impossible to guarantee that data will not be stored or transmitted outside of the UK at some time (such as our Gift Aid submissions to the HMRC).

Keeping it up to date

Where possible we use publicly available sources to keep your records up to date; for example, the Post Office’s National Change of Address database and information provided to us by other organisations such as the Fundraising Preference Service.

If you have any queries, please get in touch on tel no. (01491) 833938, via email:  or through our website at

Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time.  It was last updated in May 2018.