Goodbye Queen

It is with extreme sadness we have to announce that we had to say goodbye to our wonderful donkey Queen yesterday evening, the 12th July. She had a mini stroke on Tuesday followed by a much bigger one the following day which seriously affected her back legs and her ability to stand. We are all very sorry to lose her as she was one of the original donkeys from when the sanctuary wasn’t even a charity and had been with us for 25 years. She had been on the adoption scheme from the day it started in 1997 which had just ‘celebrated’ it’s 20th anniversary.

We will be writing personally to all her ‘adopters’ to let them know and to arrange the transfer of their adoption to another donkey if they wish to do but it will take a few days so please bear with us.

As you can imagine, the staff and volunteers at the sanctuary all feel the loss of Queen as she was such a part of the sanctuary and had been matriarch of the donkey family for so long.

God Bless you Queen.