Donkeys coming in from one of the fields

The donkeys are eager to return from the fields at the end of a long day of grazing and wandering around with their friends. This video shows some of Island Farm’s male donkeys returning from one of the fields along past the side of the barn on their way towards their stable. Their enthusiasm is typical. They are keen to get back because they know their dinner will soon be served.

This short clip only includes some of the donkeys at Island Farm, Nr. Wallingford (Oxfordshire). Another group of donkeys had already come in a few minutes before. They were female donkeys who had spent the day in the adjoining field to these handsome chaps. Still other donkeys had spent the day in other fields, or the stables and yard areas.

If you watch this video carefully you’ll notice that a few of these donkeys are wearing coloured bands around their necks. These are the adoption donkeys, a members of a special group of donkeys who are available for ‘adoption’ by the sanctuary’s supporters.