Donkey Field Games

Here are some Island Farm donkeys enjoying an afternoon in the paddock.

When this was recorded it was almost time for the donkeys to come in for their dinner. It looked like this ‘game’ had been on-going for some time.

Interest and participation varied but two donkeys in particular seemed to remain in control of the bowl. We didn’t stay and watch until the end.

It is a joy to see relaxed happy donkeys outside in the fresh air freely interacting with each other.

An illustrated talk about life at Island Farm

The following insight into life at Island Farm was recorded at a meeting of a local group at which Judy Gibbons, Chair of IFDS Trustees, gave an illustrated talk about the donkey sanctuary.

This 25 min extract is from a presentation of just over an hour and includes a few, though not all, of the questions asked at the end. Please note that as this was recorded on 9th April 2015, and we have an on-going turnover of animals at the sanctuary e.g. donkeys arriving, going out to foster homes, etc., some of the information given might no-longer be current.

Representatives from Island Farm are sometimes available to give short talks about the work of the sanctuary. These can take the form of a presentation of a series of pictures and/or video clips with someone from the sanctuary to provide further information, explain the pictures and activities and answer questions from the audience. If you are planning a gathering in our area and would like to arrange for one of our team to speak at your event please contact our office.

Carols with the Donkeys 2014

This short video features a few scenes from our carol service on 18th December 2014.

As you can see, the clips were recorded on a hand-held mobile phone.
Sorry about the occasional jitter but hopefully this conveys some sense of the occasion.

We started a few minutes after 7.30pm due to more people arriving, a good cause for delay as it was lovely to see so many of our friends and supporters despite the cold dark night.
The barn was almost full with everyone comfortably seated around tables. Not only was that cheerfully sociable, but it was especially convenient for enjoying the delicious mince pies and other treats afterwards. The above doesn’t give a fair impression of the number of people present because the person filming needed to stand no further back than almost halfway along the barn in order to include these views of the BENSON and ROKE BRASS BAND who played brilliantly for us, and of the Rev. Janice Chilton who conducted the service.

There are short clips of the band playing and the barn while people arrived, then some of the carols – including “Little Donkey” during which Linda brought in Tracey, the donkey who is also shown in the final clips of some of the animals that joined us in the barn for the carol service. Other animals present are included at the end. There were also some well-behaved dogs who were most welcome but are not shown.

Other features of the evening not depicted here included the stalls along the side of the barn at which volunteers sold various gifts including some delightful soft toys, knitted donkeys and other items from our shop. There were also two raffles that were drawn later in the evening and warming mulled wine, soft drinks and nibbles served after the music. Some people won nice prizes just in time for Christmas and much-needed funds were raised to contribute to the running of the sanctuary and the welfare of the donkeys in our care.

Thank-you again to the BENSON and ROKE BRASS BAND, Rev. Janice Chilton and everyone who came to support this event. A Happy New Year to all!

Donkeys coming in from one of the fields

The donkeys are eager to return from the fields at the end of a long day of grazing and wandering around with their friends. This video shows some of Island Farm’s male donkeys returning from one of the fields along past the side of the barn on their way towards their stable. Their enthusiasm is typical. They are keen to get back because they know their dinner will soon be served.

This short clip only includes some of the donkeys at Island Farm, Nr. Wallingford (Oxfordshire). Another group of donkeys had already come in a few minutes before. They were female donkeys who had spent the day in the adjoining field to these handsome chaps. Still other donkeys had spent the day in other fields, or the stables and yard areas.

If you watch this video carefully you’ll notice that a few of these donkeys are wearing coloured bands around their necks. These are the adoption donkeys, a members of a special group of donkeys who are available for ‘adoption’ by the sanctuary’s supporters.

Viscount having fun in the fresh air

Viscount was born at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary in April 2013. He wasn’t introduced to visitors immediately but after a while Viscount and his mum Briony started to spend some time in a small paddock within view of volunteers working in the yard and people going to and from the visitor center.
He’s a friendly fellow who is full of curiosity, though perhaps something of a handful for his mum. She doesn’t seem to mind his playful nips and chases. Staff and visitors are delighted by him. At least this little donkey got a great start in life!