New Website!!!

Welcome to our new website. It is with great excitement that we have launched our new site today and we are looking forward to hearing your comments. Using this site has been made much easier and we intend to keep it fresh and updated regularly keeping you all informed with everything donkey!

Merry Christmas 2013

Happy Christmas from Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary 2013
Happy Christmas from Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary wishes all our supporters and visitors an enjoyable festive season.

We appreciate all the generous support we have received throughout 2013. This has enabled us to care for the many donkeys who need our help together with a few other animals who have also found there way here, usually along with a donkey or two. As the donkeys rely on our care every day of the year we’ll be as busy as ever making sure that all are well, comfortable and cared for. We don’t close between Christmas and New Year – opening times for visitors are shown below.

With all good wishes for A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS !

New arrivals incl Percy the pot bellied pig

Percy the pot-bellied pig at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
Above: Percy the pot-bellied pig
Sheltand pony with mule foal at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, Oxfordshire
Above: Lady (Shetland pony) with her mule foal Busby

Not all of the animal residents here at Island Farm are donkeys and some animals arrive in the most unlikely combinations.

Visitors might not be surprised to meet a mule or two at the donkey sanctuary. Their pony mums might not raise too much of an eyebrow either, but what about Percy the pot bellied pig ? He arrived a few weeks ago with his goat friend, a little brown duck, a Shetland pony called Lady and her mule foal Busby. Busby’s dad, a donkey called Ed, is also here at Island Farm. He’s a very handsome chap who is also the father of Bailey, another mule at Island Farm.

Ed the donkey, dad of mules Bailey and Busby
Above: Ed, dad of mules Bailey and Busby