Mr. Crusty 1991 – 2017

It is with extreme sadness that we have to announce that despite the successful removal of the growth on his leg Mr. Crusty did not recover from the anaesthetic and passed away peacefully. As many of you know this was Mr. Crusty’s third operation to remove a growth on his left front leg but despite a concerted effort by the veterinary surgeon, his nurse and the assisting sanctuary staff he did not regain consciousness.

He was such a gentle and kind soul and he will be in donkey heaven with all our other donkeys and Billie the goat. We are all sad beyond words and you can imagine that the mood at Island Farm is very sombre at this time. Mr Crusty lived at Island Farm for 23 years coming here when he was 3 years old so he is very much missed by us all. Monty, his friend, is being given special care at the moment and we will make sure he has another friend when he is ready. We did all we could for Mr Crusty and will miss him deeply.

Mr Crusty 1991 - 2017
Mr Crusty 1991 – 2017

Mr Crusty 2