When you wish upon a donkey…

Last year, leading up to Christmas, several of our wonderful supporters asked if there was anything special they could get the donkeys and from that developed our Amazon Wish List. The response was amazing and we have been asked if the same thing was going to be done again this year.

We are always very grateful for all the help and donations we receive, it really does make a difference and seeing as the donkeys now believe in Father Christmas we have created a new Wishlist which you can see by clicking on this link:


A popular item last year was some new feed bowls which, as you can see, the donkeys really enjoyed using.


Thank you again to all of you lovely people who continue to help us look after the donkeys in our care. Whether by donating, adopting a donkey, volunteering or just by spreading the word Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary will always be a safe and secure home for these wonderful animals.