In Hand & Ridden Pony Show, 7th June 2015

An In-Hand and Ridden Pony Show took place at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary on Sunday 7th June. Competitors and visitors were greeting by clear blue skies and pleasant weather in addition to the warm welcome from the staff and volunteers and donkeys here at the sanctuary.

Jason Light with 'Bonnie Boy' winning of Reserve Supreme Champion
Jason Light with ‘Bonnie Boy’ winner of Reserve Supreme Champion on 7th June 2015

Many beautifully turned-out ponies competed for rosettes in 40 different classes held in 3 show rings. Some of the classes at this event included:

Best Condition & turnout (ridden), Family pony (ridden), Shetland pony classes, Welsh pony classes, Exmoor / Dartmoor pony classes, Dales / Fell / New Forest/ Highland / Connemara pony classes, Coloured / Piebald / Skewbald ponies, a class for Roans, Duns, Palomino, Appaloosa ponies, Prettiest mare, and even a “Thelwell Pony” class.

Below are a couple more photographs from this Pony Show at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.

Above, Catherine Keogh with ‘Rosy’ winning second in the Veteran class

Above, Right: Gavina Semonella on ‘Burnside Larra’, winner of the Supreme Championship

New arrivals incl Percy the pot bellied pig

Percy the pot-bellied pig at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
Above: Percy the pot-bellied pig
Sheltand pony with mule foal at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, Oxfordshire
Above: Lady (Shetland pony) with her mule foal Busby

Not all of the animal residents here at Island Farm are donkeys and some animals arrive in the most unlikely combinations.

Visitors might not be surprised to meet a mule or two at the donkey sanctuary. Their pony mums might not raise too much of an eyebrow either, but what about Percy the pot bellied pig ? He arrived a few weeks ago with his goat friend, a little brown duck, a Shetland pony called Lady and her mule foal Busby. Busby’s dad, a donkey called Ed, is also here at Island Farm. He’s a very handsome chap who is also the father of Bailey, another mule at Island Farm.

Ed the donkey, dad of mules Bailey and Busby
Above: Ed, dad of mules Bailey and Busby