Preparing donkeys for Palm Sunday

Donkey groomingThe Saturday before Palm Sunday (yesterday, 28th March) was a busy day here at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary. Staff and volunteers were busy with the grooming kits preparing 16 donkeys for their starring roles in Palm Sunday processions.

As if it wasn’t enough to brush and pamper a mere 16 donkeys, others pushed in for attention too. All the donkeys showed every sign of appreciating the attention, just as the (human) team enjoyed giving it. They looked even more beautiful than usual by the time the grooming was done.

Here are a few more pictures of the work in progress …

Donkey GroomingDonkey GroomingDonkey GroomingDonkey Grooming

As for the that last picture, donkeys will be donkeys …

Photos of this donkey grooming session have also been posted on our Facebook page.