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Annual In-Hand and Driving Donkey Show at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, Sunday 5th July 2015. DBS Championship Show Qualifier. Also miniature donkeys, pet donkeys, long reining and other classes. Stalls and refreshments available throughout the day.

Spring is always welcome. It is nice to see more hours of daylight and feel the warmth of the sun after the lower temperatures of winter. Most of these pictures were taken in April 2015, just about the time the fields are almost ready for the donkeys to enjoy more time outside.

Not every day is a special event. Although the donkey sanctuary is open to visitors daily, most of the donkeys just do their own thing. That usually includes grazing, wandering around with their friends, relaxing and perhaps enjoying a roll in the dust or mud.

Annual Donkey Show at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, 7 July 2013. The donkey show includes many donkey classes as well as a dog show, stalls, raffles, refreshments and of course the opportunity to visit IFDS donkeys, gift shop and visitor centre.

Meet our new donkey foal, Viscount, born at IFDS on 12th April 2013. Photos include the new born foal Viscount in the stable with his mum, Briony, and some time later the mare donkeys first view of Viscount.

Annual Donkey Show at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, 24 May 2008