Equine Hospital Appeal

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary has launched an appeal to raise the funds needed to build and equip a veterinary treatment facility at its premises in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Oxfordshire.

As shown in the illustration, the proposed equine hospital would include two stables, a sterile operating room, a scrubbing-up room, facilities for storing drugs and veterinary equipment, and of course everything necessary for staff and vets such as a toilet and shower.

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary (Nr. Wallingford, Oxfordshire) are raising funds to build and equip an on-site equine hospital facility

Why is an on-site equine hospital needed at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary ?

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary (IFDS) is a rescue centre that cares for and provides a lifelong home for neglected and abused donkeys. Sadly some new arrivals are suffering a very poor state of health and need urgent veterinary care.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to be able to provide the donkeys with medical treatment at the sanctuary itself rather than having to transport them elsewhere so that they can receive procedures recommended by vets.

Transporting weak animals can put them under further stress so it is in the donkeys’ best interest to minimize the need for them to travel off-site for veterinary procedures, including any operations needed. In addition to the physical effects of transporting sick or injured donkeys for essential treatment elsewhere, donkeys can become extremely upset when separated from their individual special friends (many of the donkeys have a best-friend, another donkey who they are particularly close to). The distress caused by taking a sick donkey away from his or her friend in order for it to receive veterinary treatment is so great that the decision is often taken to send both of the donkeys together in order for one of them to receive treatment. That is, two donkeys sometimes travel to a veterinary treatment location in order for one of them to receive treatment in a way that causes the least possible distress to both of the donkey friends. Although that is done for the best possible reasons it does, of course, involve additional work and costs.

If you were ill, wouldn’t you prefer to be treated in a familiar environment with your friends or family near by – as opposed to being taken somewhere strange that might seem frightening?

Finally, the convenience for both the donkeys and the people who take care of them, of being able to have donkeys treated on-site would be considerable. It would reduce stress as well as saving time and other valuable resources.

What is needed to make this happen ?

Much work has already taken place to reach this stage of the project. Plans have been drawn-up, costs have been investigated and other research undertaken. Before work can start IFDS needs to raise the money to pay for the building and associated equipment. A campaign has been launched to raise £35,000 as soon as possible.

IFDS invite donations for this important project. We are also looking for people to help us raise funds in various ways. Can you help ? If you have time or money to offer please contact us.

How this will help the donkeys: Read about Veterinary Treatment Example (1) – Midge’s Story.