Veterinary Treatment Example (3) – Gelding

WARNING: Images below show a vet performing a gelding operation which some people might find upsetting.

A common surgical procedure done by a vet is the gelding, or castration, of male donkeys. This is necessary to reduce the hormonally driven behaviour associated with a stallion, allowing it to be calmer and better behaved. It makes the animal quieter, gentler and able to mix with other gelded donkeys without them fighting with one another.

At this time we can only perform this operation in a clean stable which is not an ideal situation. If this were to be done at a veterinary practice the transportation of the donkey, especially after surgery, will only add to the stress experienced by the animal. Because the procedure is not to stitch the incision but to leave it open to drain, loading and unloading the donkey could potentially cause haemorrhage. In some cases, the vehicle movements could cause evisceration, a condition where the abdominal contents “fall out” of the surgical incision.

Gelding a donkey - picture 1 of 4
Although gelding is currently done in a clean stable …
Donkey gelding - picture 2 of 4
… major surgery on straw is not ideal.
Donkey gelding - picture 3 of 4
Risk of serious infection is high.
Donkey gelding - picture 4 of 4
Recovery in steel and wood surroundings is dangerous.

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