Veterinary Treatment Example (2) – Diana’s Story

The need for a specially designed donkey veterinary facility at Island Farm was made all the more obvious when Diana, one of our mare donkeys who was born at the sanctuary in 1997, had to have a hysterectomy.

The hysterectomy procedure and post operative care required her to stay at the veterinary practice for eleven days with another donkey from the sanctuary to keep her company. That resulted in a bill for several thousands of pounds from the donkey sanctuary funds.

As in so many other cases, not having to be transported when unwell would have been beneficial to Diana and her medical situation. In addition to the financial benefits and the advantage of Diana not having to travel when unwell, Diana would also have benefited from having familiar people attend to her aftercare. (Of course she was well looked after during her time with the veterinary center where she was being treated but they could not possibly provide her with the same level of familiarity with her surroundings and the associated benefits that would automatically apply if treated at home at the sanctuary itself.)

Diane is one of the donkeys that would have benefitted from a veterinary care centre if it had been available when she needed veterinary care.
Diana is doing well at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, Oxfordshire.

How else will the new treatment facility help the donkeys?
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