Veterinary Treatment Example (1) – Midge’s Story

Midge is one of many donkeys who would have benefited from somewhere quiet and secure while undergoing treatment. When she arrived at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary she had multiple health issues. Her hooves were badly overgrown and her front teeth had been smashed, leaving just short stumps that needed the attention of an equine dentist.
Midge arrived at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary with badly damaged teeth
Midge’s teeth were badly damaged

Staff at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary arranged for Midge to receive all the care that she needed in order to recover and go on to live a comfortable life in the company of the other donkeys at the sanctuary.

As shown in the following photograph, Midge’s hooves were extremely overgrown when she arrived at Island Farm. They received the care necessary in order for Midge to feel much more comfortable.
The larger photograph below was taken after Midge’s hooves had been trimmed. She had already begun to look a bit better.
Example of a donkey recently arrived at IFDS and in need of veterinary attention
Midge’s hooves were painfully overgrown
Midge on the road to recovery at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, Wallingford, Oxon.
Even just a few days recovery can make a difference … Midge continues to receive care at Island Farm.

How else will the new treatment facility help the donkeys?
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