Adopt Zara

Zara is a 16 year old grey mare donkey standing at 10.1 hands and she has a more unusual story when it comes to how she became a resident at Island Farm. In August 2016 we were contacted by a lady who was loosing the grazing land that she rented and could no longer keep her donkeys. Initially there were three of them but Zara was not among them at that time but George, her foal was.

The owner was very sensible and had the forethought to plan for their future’s and we were more than happy to help.

In November 2016 we received a phone call to ask if we could give George’s mother, Zara, a home after all. It turned out that Zara had been a companion to another donkey who had sadly passed away so was now in need of being with other donkeys. When we bought Zara into the sanctuary we thought that she and George would like to be reunited but he was so close to his two ‘aunties’ that Zara became friends with Dizzy, a six year old mare donkey and is very happy with her and all her other new friends.

Zara enjoying a sunny day in the paddocks

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