Adopt Wendy

Wendy is a beautiful filly foal who was born at the Sanctuary on Thursday 6th April 2017 to Aimee, a chestnut mare donkey about 18 years of age. Aimee came into the Sanctuary in April 2016 with two other mare donkeys, Chloe and Blossom. We were sure that the three of them must be related as they were all so similar in appearance but we have been unable to find out their true relationship.

After they had been with us for a few months we became suspicious that two of them, Aimee and Chloe, could be in foal so we carefully monitored their progress and following tests we discovered that sure enough, they were pregnant. Chloe was first with Bentley who was born on the 12th January, followed by Aimee who had Wendy. Her birth did not quite as smoothly as Bentley’s but as soon as she was up and suckling we could see she was going to be just fine. Wendy is named in memory of Wendy McLaren, a co-founder of the Sanctuary who sadly passed away in February 2017. When the weather allows both Wendy and Bentley are turned out with their mothers and it is so good to see them both running around so happy and healthy with a safe future.

Wendy with her mother Aimee

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