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Lady is an 14 year old mare donkey standing at 10.2 hands and has a unique story about how she came into the sanctuary. She was found in a terrible condition in South Wales and although the full details are not known it seems that Lady came to this country on a German cargo ship with her passport signed off for her to go to slaughter.

Fortunately, Lady avoided this awful fate and eventually she ended up with a Shropshire friend who quickly passed her on to us. Upon arrival at the donkey sanctuary Lady had overgrown hooves, her coat was covered in lice and she was infested with internal parasites. Thankfully, with prompt treatment she recovered quickly and very soon joined the other mare donkeys at the sanctuary. It was only when her passport was translated that it was discovered what Lady’s fate would have been. With the help of the Donkey Breed Society who issue equine passports in the UK, Lady’s passport was changed to enable her to stay at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.

Lady has since been out taking part in some of the many events the donkey sanctuary is invited to attend. To date her most publicized performance was quite soon after her rescue back in 2007 when she took part in a nativity play at the Magdalen Road Church in Oxford and just loved all the fuss made of her. People were so amazed to learn of Lady’s story and how quickly she had recovered that she featured in articles in both local and national newspapers.

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