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Please help us by adopting Jack
Please help us by adopting Jack

Jack was born in 1988 and is a  28 year old gelding (male) donkey standing at 10.2 hands. He was rescued with three other donkeys in 1995 from a village near Blackwood in the Rhondda Valley. At the time he was suffering from malnutrition and had severe pneumonia due to prolonged exposure to wind and rain with no shelter. Unlike horses and ponies, donkeys do not have such an effective natural waterproof protection in their coat.

Upon arrival at the donkey sanctuary, Jack was examined by a vet and received the usual treatment for worms and ticks as well as antibiotics for his pneumonia. Today he is a very fit and healthy donkey and enjoys a change of scene and meeting new people when we go out to country shows and steam rallies.

A few years ago Jack and three other donkeys from the Sanctuary were involved in a days filming of the BBC 1’s children’s series “The Phoenix and the Carpet”. In the episode the donkeys were featured, the story centered around a market in India in 1903.

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