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Please help us by adopting Charlie
Please help us by adopting Charlie

Charlie’s born n 1989 and is a 27 year old gelding (make) donkey who stands at 10.3 hands. He was rescued in 1995 with three other donkeys from a village near Blackwood in the Rhondda Valley. He was in a very poor condition, being very thin and with a badly matted coat. Today he is a fit healthy donkey who is popular with children who visit the donkey sanctuary.

Charlie has had a brief taste of TV stardom. In 1997, he was involved with three of his friends in filming the BBC1 children’s series The Phoenix and the Carpet. The episode was set in an Indian market in 1903 – despite the lights, cameras and wind machines, Charlie and friends behaved impeccably.

Charlie is close friends with Jack, with whom he was rescued. They have a very happy and peaceful life at the donkey sanctuary and have forgotten the neglect they suffered together in the past. Charlie also visits a number of country shows and steam rallies as part of our ‘donkey working team’ where we show how donkeys were used as working animals on farms and smallholdings before the introduction of tractors. Although it might seem like hard work, Charlie loves to pull a small plough!

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