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Please help us by adopting Brewster
Please help us by adopting Brewster

Brewster was born at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary on Tuesday 22nd May 2001 to Brandy, a mare donkey rescued in 1998 from a livestock market.

As with all new arrivals, Brandy was given an initial examination to determine her state of health. Her overall condition was poor, she had lice and worms and badly overgrown hooves. Thankfully she responded well to treatment and soon regained the weight she had lost so we were able to introduce her to other donkeys quite quickly.

Brewster is a lively grey/brown gelding who unfortunately suffered an accident at the age of ten months. While he was being groomed he was tied up in his stable when he reared up, put his right front leg over his lead rope, fell against the stable wall and broke his leg in 2 places. He was taken to our local vet’s surgery for x-rays and put in a plaster cast which was not successful and fell off the next day.

Brewster was then referred to the Royal Veterinary College in London where he underwent a 7 hour operation which involved inserting steel plates and pins in his leg. After a long course of physiotherapy and many check ups he made a full recovery and should go on to have a long and happy life. The plates and pins will remain in Brewster’s leg for the rest of life.

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