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 Please help us by adopting Bentley seen here with his mother Chloe

Bentley is a colt foal who was born at the Sanctuary on Thursday 12th January 2017 to Chloe, a beautiful chestnut mare donkey about 19 years of age. Chloe came into the care of the Sanctuary in April 2016 with two other mare donkeys, Aimee and Blossom. The three of them are so similar looking to each other that they must be related but we do not know their true relationship.

According to their equine passports their ages range from 13 to 19 years so they could be sisters or mother and daughters. Their passports were issued in County Antrim, Ireland but we were unable to find out when they came over to England. What we do know is that they were offered to us by a dealer who was going to take them to a livestock market from where they would have gone to an abbatoir. Of course we could not let that happen so we bought all three and introduced them to a new life at Island Farm.

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